ODI Metrics

This API contains a list of all metrics collected by the Open Data Institute since 2013

Each metric redirects to a HTML version with chart. To access the raw data, simply append .json to the URI, or add an Accept: application/json header to your request

See the detailed documentation for more information


This data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Current Metrics

2013 Q1 Completed Tasks
2013 Q1 Outstanding Tasks
2013 Q1 Tasks To Discuss
2013 Q2 Completed Tasks
2013 Q2 Outstanding Tasks
2013 Q2 Tasks To Discuss
2013 Q3 Completed Tasks
2013 Q3 Outstanding Tasks
2013 Q3 Tasks To Discuss
2013 Q4 Completed Tasks
2013 Q4 Outstanding Tasks
2013 Q4 Tasks To Discuss
2014 Q1 Completed Tasks
2014 Q1 Outstanding Tasks
2014 Q1 Tasks To Discuss
2014 Q2 Completed Tasks
2014 Q2 Outstanding Tasks
2014 Q2 Tasks To Discuss
2014 Q3 Completed Tasks
2014 Q3 Outstanding Tasks
2014 Q3 Tasks To Discuss
2014 Q4 Completed Tasks
2014 Q4 Outstanding Tasks
2014 Q4 Tasks To Discuss
2015 Q1 Completed Tasks
2015 Q1 Outstanding Tasks
2015 Q1 Tasks To Discuss
2015 Q2 Completed Tasks
2015 Q2 Outstanding Tasks
2015 Q2 Tasks To Discuss
2015 Q3 Completed Tasks
2015 Q3 Outstanding Tasks
2015 Q3 Tasks To Discuss
2015 Q4 Completed Tasks
2015 Q4 Outstanding Tasks
2015 Q4 Tasks To Discuss
Application Errors
Average Opportunity Age
Bothan Deployed Instances
Cash Reserves
Certificated Datasets
Comma Chameleon Downloads
Csvlint Validations
Cumulative Bookings
Cumulative Income
Cumulative Network Size
Cumulative People Trained
Cumulative Reach
Cumulative Value Unlocked
Current Year Active Reach
Current Year Bookings
Current Year Bookings By Sector
Current Year Burn
Current Year Commercial Bookings
Current Year Ebitda
Current Year Events Hosted
Current Year Flagship Stories
Current Year Grant Funding
Current Year Headcount
Current Year Income
Current Year Income By Sector
Current Year Income By Type
Current Year Kpi Performance
Current Year Network Size
Current Year Non Commercial Bookings
Current Year Passive Reach
Current Year People Trained
Current Year Pr Pieces
Current Year Press Geographical Spread
Current Year Press Sector Spread
Current Year Press Sentiment
Current Year Press Spokespeople
Current Year Press Totals
Current Year Reach
Current Year Total Costs
Current Year Trainers Trained
Current Year Value Unlocked
Diversity Gender
Gemnasium Dependencies
Github Forks
Github Open Issue Count
Github Open Pull Requests
Github Outgoing Pull Requests
Github Repository Count
Github Total Pull Requests
Github Watchers
Irc Theodi Users
Membership Count
Membership Coverage
Membership Renewals
Octopub Datasets
Old Opportunity Count
Pathway Assessments
Quarterly Progress
Toolbox Open Issue Count
Toolbox Open Pull Requests
Total Pipeline
Weighted Pipeline

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June 6 2020 at 05:05
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